I'm Fem, and this is Femservice: an anime and manga blog that offers reviews and cultural critiques of anime, manga, and the occasional video game.  You'll find the following features on tap here and you can locate them via the nav bar on the front page:

  • anime reviews/discussions: I've abandoned the episode-by-episode review model, but still post thoughts and host discussions on currently-airing series
  • rewatches: in the future, the blog will host 'rewatches' of particular shows, and I will be offering up an interpretation- and analysis-heavy blog per episode
  • anime and manga recommendations: gems that I find worth a watch or a read
  • BAMF Women: a feature highlighting kickass ladies in various series
  • Bishounen Beauties: a feature highlighting the pretty, pretty men from various series
  • Character Analyses: in-depth features on particular anime or manga characters (I am sometimes willing to write these on request)
  • Cultural Critique/Meta: Essays on various aspects of fandom and fandom culture
You'll note that Femservice's tag claims the blog as a "safe space to discuss anime and manga."  By that, I mean that I'm mostly interested in creating an open and respectful space free for anyone who wants to participate.  Larger fandom culture can stomp all over quieter voices, and I'm interested in permitting those voices to be heard.  In light of that, I do the best I can to vouch for this as an inclusive and tolerant space free of hate speech and vitriol.

I also run the blog The Classy Shipper, a ship-analysis blog.  Feel free to hop on over there if shipping's your bag; I'm always open to requests.   In the meantime, you can always find me on Tumblr or Twitter (@femservice).


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